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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

$275 From Text Link Ads

This month from my blogs I have earned some money from adsense, but the real surprise was Text Link Ads.  Text Link Ads is simple and can make a lot of money quick (I made $275 this month).  They pay you securely through paypal monthly or you have the to choice to be sent a check.  You recieve payments on the 20th of every month.   I definitely think this is worth a try for anyone that is trying to make money from their blog, especially since their publishers program is making me more money than adsense.  I could have easily missed out on this extra income if I had not come across Text Link Ads.  Take advantage of every angle to monetize your blog.  Good luck.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Make $20.00

If your signing up for a domain at the affordable domain registar/host DreamHost use the promotional code:  BLOG4MONEY to recieve a free $20.00.  Much better service and more reliable than

SEO Tip #2

In your html code use H Tags.  For example <h1>    </h1>  ,   <h2>   </h2>  ,  etc.  All the way to h6.  This affects the size of text on your site, but also tells search engines the important parts of your blog.  Put titles and other importand content describers in H tags to get higher on search engines.

SEO Tip #1

Use dashes not underscores in domain names and pages.  This will make it so search engines find your site easier because: tall_tree is seen as one word by search engines, while tall-tree is seen as two words.  This will make your site show up on a lot more peoples searches and optimize you site for search engines leading you to making more money.

5 Ways to Make More Money from Adsense

  • Have unique content on your site.  This will keep your readers coming back, Especially if they can't find the information anywhere else.  Become known as an expert so people prefer you site over others.
  • Boost your traffic to make more money.  This is the most important of all, your site is nothing without traffic.  See  5 Simple Traffic Tips.
  • Place your ads where readers will notice them.  Don't put them hiding on the bottom of the page, or you won't make any returns.
  • Research keyword that are worth a lot of money, so each click will count.  Use this Tool to see how much keywords are worth.
  • Pay attention to the returning readers, they may e-mail you asking questions.  Always respond.

5 Simple Traffic Tips

  • List your site is web directories and search engines so everyone can find you blog or site around the world.
  • Answer you e-mails and comments and leave your website in the signature. This is simple but has always consistantly brought traffic to my sites.
  • Link you sites together so your readers are exposed to many different blogs that are associated with you.
  • Participate in forums that are related to you blog topic and have high traffic.
  • If all else fails, temporarily join advertising campaigns.